June 27, Reading 1 – Joshua 9


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SAA Notes

The Gibeonites are like Rahab. They both have a different reaction to what they know God is going to do than the people of Ai and Jericho. Saving faith leads to Joshua and the people of God! Their faith is commended, if not their means. Their faith saves them. Gibeonites are amongst the returnees from the Exile some 800 years later. Nehemiah 3:7

SJA Notes

Here we see amongst the other nations two different responses to the Lord.

One is that of the kings – They reject God and get together to fight Israel.

The other though is that of the Gibeonites. They recognise the LORD, the fear Him!

God’s word doesn’t show us people doing what they should do, just what actually do.

And here we have a whole grouping of things mixed up.

There are lies from Gibeon (9:9-13), Self-reliance from Israel (9:14) and Joshua failing to seek the Lord (9:14, he is the Lord’s Christ for Israel at this time).

God works through our brokenness, good through bad. This is the theme we have seen from the very beginning of God’s word, and all the way through.

We see from this story that the Gibeonites are another segment of “all nations” being blessed through Abraham.

It is not that God would have rejected the Gibeonites if Joshua and the leaders had sought His will. And it is not that the lying of the Gibeonites was the reason why they were saved.

They recognised the Lord.

Just like Rahab, they feared Him.

We too then can be encouraged and convicted to make sure we are recognising the Lord in our lives, keeping His name holy as we bear it in the world, seeking His face, pointing people to Jesus.

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.”

* Mighty God,

Thank You for this passage, that we see Your good news going out to all nations.

Thank You that You work good through our bad.

Thank You for Jesus – Through whom we are saved from our sins, brought into life with You. True life, life to the full!

Please write Your word on our hearts today Lord God, whatever it is You want us to know today.


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