June 26, Reading 2 – Isaiah 5


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SAA Notes

The song of the vineyard is a parable of God’s dealings with Israel and theirs with Him. The list of things that distress God about how God’s people live is very thought provoking.

SJA Notes

* Father God, please write Your word on our hearts today.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness,”


There are many woes in this passage from Isaiah.

This is a message from God to His people, us the church, today.

We read that God’s vineyard is His people (branches from the TRUE VINE).

And over and over read of woes.

“Woe to those who …”

These are valid for us today. Our practice as God’s people must match our preaching!

We can see evil being swapped out for good today.

We can see those who are wise in their own eyes instead of seeking God’s wisdom.

We can see those given to the temporal fleshly desires, the world calling this behaviour heroic.

We can see that justice is not upheld at times, the weak and lost are not always taken care of.

God’s anger was kindled against His people. He struck them and the mountains quaked.

It is healthy and good for us to reflect on this, on what this passage tells us, today.

How good it is then that Jesus took God’s anger for the sin of His people upon Himself!

* Dear Lord,

Thank You that through Jesus we escape Your just and holy wrath.

Please help us to practice what we preach. That is, Christ Jesus crucified, buried, risen and ascended!


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