June 12, Reading 3 – Luke 14:1-24


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SAA Notes

Luke records several times that Jesus ate at a Pharisee’s house. What should you learn from this? What lessons was Jesus teaching to his fellow guests in these parables?

SJA Notes

Here is practical advice from our King about how to implement His way of life, an example of which is from earlier in Luke (chapter 6), “But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great …”

When we do good we are not to expect or even hope for an earthly reward – Instead, we are to be generous without thought of return AND with that to know that our reward, our payment, will come at the resurrection of the just (see 1 Corinthians 15 for a most wonderful explanation of that event).

And Jesus was our model in this. His motives were always for the good of His kingdom, to go about the will of His Father, to put others before Himself.

Note too that when we are doing good to those around us, the poor and crippled, the lame and blind, those in the highways and hedges, the byways and alleys – That is what God did for us! We are following God’s pattern of reaching the lost sheep, of shining light in the darkness, of loving the unlovely.

* Father God,

Thank You for Jesus’ words to us here in this passage.

Please help us to be salt and light in this world, through and only through Your strength and wisdom, only by Your Spirit.

Please help us to follow the pattern You have set down for us in Your word.

Please help us be more like Jesus each day.


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