May 17, Reading 1 – Numbers 29


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SAA Notes

These three festivals form a whole package covering three weeks. They are prophetic of Christ’s ministry – His birth, death and return! Trumpets – proclamation of God’s wonderful promise of salvation (through Moses and through Jesus the Prophet Moses said would come in Moses’ stead), the Day of Atonement – the death of the first-born of Egypt/Red Sea and the death of the First-born Son/the Empty Cross and Tomb, the Feast of Tabernacles – the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! Footprints in Time large enough for the blind to fall into!

SJA Notes

Here we have again the order and instruction for worship, given to Israel through Moses from God.

Ordinary work.

We see at the times of offering, the feasts, they have the prescription of not doing any _ordinary work_.

Back in Numbers 15 v32-36 a man is stoned by the congregation (what must that have looked like process-wise) for gathering sticks on the Sabbath day.

Gathering sticks was obviously considered ordinary work.

So how does that impact us now that Jesus has broken open our understanding, brought a deeper, fuller understanding?

In Mark 2 and Matthew 12 Jesus gives rebuke to the pharisees and says that the sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath.

In Luke 13 Jesus gives a ruler of the synagogue a serve, showing that they really didn’t understand the law of Moses, v15 “You hypocrites!” – Jesus released a woman from the slavery of an evil spirit on the sabbath, and the leaders were miffed. Jesus was eroding their power-base. And really, just the basic comprehension shows – Casting out an evil spirit could never be considered ordinary work.

My biblical understanding has reached its limit at this point, to argue one way or another. Perhaps wiser brothers will step into the conversation.

Whether we consider there is a prescription against ordinary work (and what that now means) on the sabbath or not, it seems like a good starting point to make sure we are keeping our Sundays special, setting ourselves apart to draw closer to the Almighty.

More Jesus. Less us.

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