May 18, Reading 3 – Luke 3


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SAA Notes

John the Baptist and Jesus’ genetic genealogy are today’s subjects. Matthew’s genealogy lists the heirs of Abraham and David (an heir was called the person’s son, though not always the actual son). Luke lists the actual father/son line. Notice that Solomon is not listed, but his full brother Nathan.

SJA Notes

“So with many other exhortations he preached good news to the people.”

See how strange this might seem, EXHORTATIONS being a mechanic for preaching GOOD NEWS.

John cuts right to the chase, he is the razorblade to the stubble.

Or rather, he points to the One who has His winnowing fork in His hand to clear the threshing floor!

It is very important that we are reminded of what good news is.

We are called to repentance, to put away the things the world likes (such as selfishness, greed, lording over people, always wanting more).

We are called to bear fruits in keeping with that repentance.

These are not EASY words to hear, the good news is GOOD but it is a hard world for the world, for the things of the world, for those who refuse to let go of the world.

Remember the soils, we must be good soil, bearing fruit one-hundredfold for the kingdom.

* Almighty God,

Thank You for the pointer that John the Baptist is.

Thank You that he showed us Jesus, that he preached Your good news to those around him.

Please help us to do the same. To point people to Jesus, to exhort those around us with the good news of our Saviour!


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