May 1, Reading 1 – Numbers 11:4-35


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SAA Notes

Complaints over hardships and difficulties and cravings for what we do not have and long for something different, mark the Church then and now. Complaints and cravings are corrosive of personal, family and church relationships. Moses words to the Lord (v. 21,22) are reminiscent of the disciples to Christ when He fed thousands.

SJA Notes

You might feel like shaking your head in wonder at the short-term memory loss of Israel.

It was only a short while ago that the Lord had consumed the outskirts of the camp in His wrath at their complaining.

And here they go back to complaining about how good they had it in Egypt.

In Egypt! Where they were slaves, where Pharaoh was trying to subdue and subject them to great hardship. Where only by the salvation of the Lord did they escape.

It can be easy to shake our heads, except that this behaviour is true of us too. Our memory is broken, we forget far too easily. We forget the grace of the Lord, giving to us what we do not deserve. We forget His mercy, not giving us what we do deserve.

How often does the Lord show Himself to be a generous God, full of love and faithfulness – To Israel, and to us!

How often does this happen, and we forget in a memory and return to our self-absorbed troubles, wearing doubt and grumbling like a cloak?

You can see some of this in Moses too. He had a hard time handling the people. He saw their folly, and wanted no part of it. Except that he forgot too (v22). So the Lord gives him a most wonderful reply,

“Is the Lord’s hand shortened?”

The hand of the Lord is not shortened! Let us be encouraged to remember what the Lord has done. Remember what He did in Egypt for His people. Remember what He did with Joshua at Jericho. With David and Goliath. With Daniel and the lion’s den. Remember, remember, remember!

Remember the arrival of Jesus; His birth, life, death and blood shed for us. His resurrection and ascension. Remember these things.

Remember how He called you and me. Remember His work in your life. Remember how much love He has shown us.

And remember to look forward to our wonderful hope.

Remember that God is preparing for us a place where He will dwell with us, and we will be His people in all the fullness of His promises and plans.

Remember the Lord!

* Great God Above,

Thank You for all that You have done for us.

Thank You for Your word, that walks us through from Genesis to Revelation, from when You made the world to when You will wrap this world up and bring Your people into the new heavens and the new earth.

Please help us to remember You and what You have done each day.


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