April 9, Reading 2 – Psalm 119:73-112


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SAA Notes

Verse 105 is the motto of Scripture Union. It is plain that we must be doers of the Word of God and not hearers only. This New Testament teaching is an Old Testament one.

SJA Notes

“Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast. By your appointment they stand this day, for all things are your servants.”

These are very interesting verses in the context of the whole psalm, as they don’t contain any of the words we see throughout the rest of the psalm (God’s law, testimonies, ways, precepts, statutes, commandments, rules).

They don’t contain the specific words, but … They speak to the HEAVENS and the EARTH.

We know that by His word God CREATED the heavens and the earth (Genesis chapter 1).

God’s word has come forth from Him (created in a sense).

We know that Jesus, God the Son, was present with the Father and the Spirit in the beginning (John chapter 1). We know that He is God’s word become flesh, so that by Him the heavens and the earth were made, and He is the energy that SUSTAINS all of creation too (“By your appointment they stand …”).

These verses do not have the specific words we see elsewhere in the psalm, but they clearly speak of God’s word. Of Jesus.

How good is God’s word!

* Loving God,

Thank You for the blessed assurance Your people have – That You are God, and we are Your people.

That You are all-powerful, and we are able to rest in Your sovereignty, Your will, Your steadfast love and faithfulness that are active and real in our lives.

Oh Lord God, please write Your word on our hearts today.

Whatever portion You choose, whatever bit or bob of wisdom – It is all from You, and so there is nothing to dismiss even in the small things we learn.

Thank You Lord!


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