April 3, Reading 2 – Psalm 110, 111


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SAA Notes

Psalm 110 is one of the great Messianic psalms. The New Testament book of Hebrews quotes from this psalm extensively. God’s coming Christ was to be a priest of the order of Melchizedek. Jesus quotes this psalm in Luke 20:41-44. David proclaimed that his descendant who was to be God’s Christ after him was his LORD!

SJA Notes

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;”

What kind of fear does this speak of?

God’s people don’t fear the Lord God as a sheep fears the wolf.

But God is a holy God, full of justice and righteousness.

Wisdom begins with a holy and reverent fear of the Lord.

We fear the Lord because He is GOD and we are man.

We fear the Lord because He is just and completely able and intentional to enact His justice.

We fear the Lord because this is the God who created all things with His word alone. Because Jesus is His word become flesh. Because He commanded the storm to cease and it did. Because He brought back people from the dead. Because His plan was that He would send Himself to the cross, to become curse – Perfect Son separated from Perfect Father as the full wrath of God came down upon God as Man.

And we fear the Lord because His word tells us to.

This is the beginning of wisdom.

The best start to fearing the Lord, gaining wisdom, is to find out about Him – And we do that by reading His word!

* God Above,

Please help us to fear You rightly today, please may we grow in Your wisdom.


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