April 3, Reading 1 – Leviticus 10


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SAA Notes

It takes a priest without sin to stand before the holiness of God unburnt. Psalm 15 asks the same question: Who may dwell in Your sanctuary? He whose walk is blameless! Thank God for Jesus. Hebrews 10:19-27 is a reflection on this chapter.

SJA Notes

“… But let your brothers, the whole house of Israel, bewail the burning that the LORD has kindled.”

Aaron and his remaining sons would have been filled with grief and other strong emotions in the aftermath of Nadab and Abihu bearing the punishment for trying to do things outside of God’s ordered steps.

It must have been an incredibly difficult time for them.

They were still in the process of being sanctified as the priesthood, the anointing oil of the LORD still upon them.

And so Moses commanded them not to mourn in any way (but to accept that the people would mourn for them).

How good is it then that we have Jesus as our great High Priest!

That He has set and kept the standard, He has offered up the most valuable and once-for-all sacrifice that was accepted by God (Himself) and completely fulfilled the Mosaic law sacrificial system.

Unlike Aaron and his sons, Jesus is the better-by-far high priest, and through Him and His work we can have confidence, a strong and steady hope, in what He has won for us.

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You that while passages like this can seem harsh and dominating, they are part of Your word that points us to Jesus.

We need a priest that does no wrong, that fully walks in complete obedience – So thank You for sending Yourself – For Jesus!

Thank You Lord!


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