April 15, Reading 3 – Mark 9:33-50


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

What lesson do you think Jesus wants His disciples to learn here in verses 33-37? The example we set children is a fearful matter. What does verse 50 mean?

SJA Notes

We can often be in argument with one another in the same way the disciples were.

Bickering and fighting about things that are driven from pride and envy, from jealousy and hypocrisy.

It is hard to be humble. It is hard to be last. It is hard to be salt.

And it is hard to be at peace with one another.

But Jesus calls us to do this.

Early in chapter 9, we read God the Father telling us plainly, of Jesus, “This is my beloved Son; listen to him.”

Do we listen to Jesus?

* Father God,

Please sink us in self that we might rise in You.

Please help us to walk humbly under Your mighty hand.

Please may we be salt and light in this world, peace to one another, showing people Jesus.


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