March 21, Reading 2 – Psalm 90, 91


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SAA Notes

Moses’ psalm is one of the oldest living songs on this planet. It has been sung and read now for 3,500 years! There is much in this psalm that will strengthen your faith and walk with the Lord.

SJA Notes

How good is it to now step back hundreds of years and read a song from Moses!

This is Moses who got “displeased” when God’s anger blazes as the people grumbled about the manna. He says, “… Did I conceive all this people? Did I give them birth …”

This is Moses who got angry at the people, at their continual grumbling and complaint against the Lord – Moses strikes the rock instead of speaking to it as the Lord commanded, and God brought His will down on Moe, “… Therefore you shall not bring this assembly into the land that I have given them.”

All Moses did was hit the rock instead of speaking to it – And it was righteous anger against a sinful people right? !! Why would God punish that?


This is the Moses who wrote this psalm, this song. A man who was kept from the promised land (until Jesus!) indirectly because of the people.

So it is super important to notice his language in this psalm.

“For WE are brought to an end …”

“You have set OUR iniquities before you, …”

“OUR secret sins in the light …”

“So teach US to number our days that WE may get a heart of wisdom.”

Moses does not hold bitterness in his heart. Sure, he gets angry at the people. But he also submits under God’s just punishment against him for disobedience.

Moses knows that he is not apart in some magical way from the rest of mankind.

Moses knows he is not better than anyone else.

He prays as one of the people of God.

These are good truths to wrestle with from Moses, the friend of God!

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