March 16, Reading 1 – Exodus 33:1-34:3


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SAA Notes

Another name for the Tabernacle is the Tent of Meeting – personal communion has always been at the centre of God’s purpose and desire for us. Meditate on the value of God’s presence in our midst as His living tabernacle/temple in this place!

SJA Notes

* Dear Lord God, please forgive us for our sin and wash us clean – You are our only Saviour.

“‘But,’ he said, ‘you cannot see my face, for man shall not see me and live.'”

This is an amazing humbling too-big-to-fully-comprehend thing.

That God on earth coming down from heaven, meeting Moses on a mountain, could not be seen by man without death coming.

And yet.

God came to earth, down from heaven, in the form of man – Jesus. God in the Person of the Son. Come to save us from our sin.

And we saw Him and can see Him now!

We see Him today through His word, His Spirit writing it on our hearts, even dimly for we are limited and frail.

But one day we shall see Him in all glorious fullness – Oh what a day that will be!

* Father God in Heaven,

Thank You for saving us by Your grace.

Thank You, as Son, for saving us by Your righteousness, death, blood and life.

And thank You, as Spirit, for saving us by Your illumination, by Your renovation, and by Your preservation.

Thank You Lord!


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