February 21, Reading 1 – Exodus 12:21-51


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SAA Notes

The exodus is one of the central events of Scripture. When Moses and Elijah come and talk with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration about His death, they literally call it an exodus (translated departure in the NIV)! (Luke 9:30) The exodus is salvation by grace through faith!

SJA Notes

“It was a night of watching by the LORD, to bring them out of the land of Egypt;”

The LORD watched over His people, bringing them out of slavery.

Note that this is before the law was given to Moses.

Here is the grace of the gospel at work, salvation before sanctification. Pulling out from darkness before learning and practicing what it means to walk in the light.

The LORD watched!

He watches over us too, as He calls us, and as we walk along the narrow way.

This is to be of great comfort to us, that our all-powerful God decides to watch over His people.

* Father God,

Thank You for watching over us, as You did Your people as You brought them out of Egypt.

Thank You for calling us from darkness into light.

And thank You for giving to us Your word, which shows us how to live. Please write Your word on our hearts each day, show us today what You want us to know, so that we might not sin against You.


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