February 20, Reading 2 – Psalm 44


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SAA Notes

Have you ever felt that God was asleep? We feel it would be blasphemous to voice such thoughts and doubts out loud, and we’re wrong. The right thing is to voice them to God Himself and to trust in His unfailing love.

SJA Notes

Yowza, this psalm takes a turn hey!

It’s broken into two parts, and the first is a foundation of knowing that the Lord alone is our salvation, that He brings victory, that He is the one we boast in.

But then, wow, the second part huh.

It’s very reminiscent of Job!

We know David is very open about his sin and the sin of the people, a walk through the Psalms as we are doing will show this clearly.

But here, he struggles with why these bad things are happening even though the people have stayed faithful to the Lord.

To the point of calling on God to “Awake! Why are you sleeping, O Lord?”

We know that God doesn’t sleep. David knew it too. So how can he speak this way?

Because this is how we are to pray. We are to come to God in the harrowing of our souls, for our own selves, and for those around us.

David was King. He bore the burden of the people on his heart.

And so for us, for our loved ones, for those we have responsibility and authority over – When calamity is upon the faithful, we can bring this prayer to the Lord.

And as the first part of the psalm states, trust in Him for salvation.

He saves! He saves!

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