February 12, Reading 1 – Exodus 1:1-2:22


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SAA Notes

Much is sometimes made of the lies of the mid-wives to Pharaoh. Whatever we think of their actions, God commends these women for fearing Him and so saving lives. Moses birth and life up to 40 years of age are given briefly and succinctly.

SJA Notes

“She put the child in it and placed it among the reeds by the river bank.”

At this point the mother of Moses put her trust of God into action.

She may have known Pharaoh’s daughter had a schedule of bathing, and tried to time things well.

But there was no certainty in what would happen.

So this was an act of faith, even as her heart was no doubt broken at the loss of her son.

It is good to be reminded of faithful witnesses to God’s sovereignty such as this.

We can be encouraged to plan what we can as we submit under God’s mighty will, trusting in Him to bring about HIS plans. And where our plans differ, that He would in His mercy align us to Him.

* Father God,

Please align our thoughts, words and deeds to You and Your word.

Please aright our hearts, writing Your word on them each day.

Please help us to be a faithful people, reflecting Your faithfulness to those around us.


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