January 5, Reading 2 – Job 8


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SAA Notes

Bildad now has a go. He returns to the theme that if bad has happened, Job must have deserved it. God, says Bildad, does not pervert justice. Isn’t it strange how we can say the right things so wrongly! The friends don’t believe that sin has made paradise hell. The wrong premise is that this world is OK, that it’s not out of kilter, that evil things don’t happen to good people.

SJA Notes

“Such are the paths of all who forget God; the hope of the godless shall perish.”


Remember this is Job they are dia/mono-loguing about.

We know the truth of Job. That he was faithful to the Lord.

And pulling back further, we know that Satan was trying to undermine God at the spiritual level, and God permitted him to persecute/grieve Job.

But Bildad, what a mate!

“Job. It’s your fault mate. God doesn’t permit evil for good people. Bad things have happened to you. Therefore mate, you must be evil.”

We may have friends and loved ones who think this way. And we might have thought like that too now and again!

The book of Job teaches us about the reality of God’s Sovereignty. Job was always kept within the everlasting arms of God, even through his trials.

We can give thanks to the Lord that He gave us Job, to wrestle with these truths, relevant and important for us today as then!

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