January 23, Reading 3 – Matthew 15:29-16:12


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SAA Notes

The Pharisees did not show such compassion on the mob, as they disparagingly called the normal citizen of Palestine. Jesus warns us not to leaven our lives with the leaven of their attitudes. This is a most pertinent warning.

SJA Notes

Are we cautious of the teaching of those who are the Pharisees and Sadducees of our time?

People can seem very religious and pious with their spiritual logic, their passion and right-ness.

We can get caught up in the trap of being swayed little by little away from the gospel, until like an exponential curve we find ourselves dramatically far away from God’s word, from His laws and commands.

Jesus warns us here, be careful! Take care when listening to people. Take care when listening to “important” and “persuasive” people.

As in all things, it’s much better to turn to Jesus. See what God’s word says, from Genesis to Revelation.

It’s a good reminder that God’s word is the _only_ thing that will always tell us the truth, the absolute God-given and set in stone truth.

Hallelujah, what a God we have!

* Father God,

Thank You for Your word, which is truth. Absolute.

Help us to find our logic, our thinking, our wisdom in You and Your word.

Draw us each day closer to You.


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