January 14, Reading 1 – Genesis 19


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SAA Notes

Lot’s life spirals downward, no matter how many chances he is given. Lot cannot trust the Word of the Lord, as Abraham does. Lot is governed by his fears, not by his faith. He is an example of the stupidity of being governed by our fears. As Jesus said, the way of the Faith is pressed upon and confining (small and narrow), but it leads to LIFE! Matthew 7:13,14

SJA Notes

* Dear God, please show us a little more of Your mercies and grace to us today from Your word.

“… The men of Sodom, both young and old, all the people to the last man, surrounded the house.”

All the people to the last man.

This passage is a terrible testament to man’s rejection of God.

Lot utters words any father would shudder to think on,

“Behold, I have two daughters …”

These two same daughters preserve their offspring in being with child through their own father.

We need Jesus!

Left to ourselves, when we tell God to get lost (Lot chose to live in Sodom out of selfish gain), we have no hope.


Out of these decisions that can seem so at odds with what God wants for us, out of these He brings good.

Descended from the firstborn daughter of Lot comes a young woman named Ruth, daughter-in-law to Naomi. She values a personal relationship with God above all else.

From Ruth we have David, her great-grandson. Perhaps great-grandma Ruth taught little David the wisdom of God.

And through the line of David we find the far greater Son, our Lord and King Jesus!

Praise God for His mercies to us, that He continues to work good even in the midst of our bad.

* Father God in Heaven,

Thank You for Your mercy to us.

Thank You that out of the foolish and horrible decisions in this passage comes a thread of hope that we see coming to fruition in Ruth.

Thank You that we see You at work in our own calling.

Thank You for Jesus!


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