January 15, Reading 3 – Matthew 11:2-30


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SAA Notes

John has a moment of deep doubt. Jesus deals very compassionately with John and honours him before His disciples. John’s message of repentance is the basis of Jesus denunciation of these three favoured cities. If we listen to Jesus’ messenger, we will listen to Jesus.

SJA Notes

Jesus pointed John to the evidence that He had provided. This is super interesting for us to consider!

We see here the practical outworking of Him as MESSIAH, as LORD and KING and SAVIOUR! That He could heal the sick and cast out demons, calm the seas and change the molecular structure of liquids.

“And blessed is the one who is not offended by me.”

We saw in yesterday’s reading that Jesus has come to bring a sword. And that sword is His word, which cuts between bone and marrow, to the very heart of a person.

God’s word can cause offense in us – OR – It can be the water of life.

BLESSED is the one who instead of offense takes to Jesus as if He has and is our very lifeblood. Because this is the truth – He gives life, brings life, He is life!

* Wonderful Father,

We come before You and bow ourselves at Your feet. Please humble us, continue to scrape out our sin and refine us Lord God, to be more like Jesus.

Thank You for John, Jesus’ cousin, who points us to the Messiah. His witness is a wonderful encouragement and exhortation to us.

Help us Lord, to repent and believe, each day, each hour, each moment.


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