January 13, Reading 2 – Job 21


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SAA Notes

Job flattens the fallacy that God always rewards the evil with evil and the good with good. What would the friends say to Jesus’ death? Job’s thoughts are repeated by Asaph in Psalm 73, a leading poet and musician in King David’s day. Read Asaph’s conclusion.

SJA Notes

“Why do the wicked live, reach old age, and grow mighty in power?”

While later Job agrees to an extent with the arguments of his friends, he points out the folly of their conclusion – That God strikes down the wicked in their prime, so therefore you must be wicked.

Job is wrestling with the world, with how things are in this broken creation.

It’s something we wrestle with too, at least, we should!

Why does evil seem to prosper? Why do wicked people often grow mighty in power and even some reach old age?

But Job doesn’t stop there. He looks at the opposite end, a truth of the wicked – In vs 25, “Another dies in bitterness of soul, never having tasted of prosperity.”

Then comes vs 26, the crunch of this passage, “They lie down alike in the dust, and the worms cover them.”

This is reality!

We can wrestle with why evil seems to prosper, but we have this truth. Death comes to us all.

Praise our living God that He has provided in Jesus life after this life, life after death!

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