January 13, Reading 1 – Genesis 18


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SAA Notes

When you have a JW come to your door, this is one passage to get them to turn to in their own Bible. Here is a man who is the LORD! Abraham’s prayer is to be our example in praying for our country and loved ones.

SJA Notes

Abraham knew the LORD!

When God walked on earth in this passage, Abraham knew who it was!

See his reaction in v2 onwards.

Abraham had a personal relationship with the Lord.

See how God talks with Abraham, shares things with him.

And Abraham wrestled with God. It is important to keep a hold of the truth that God is Sovereign, His will absolute. But there is in this conversation from our perspective a wrestling with the Lord (even though God had forordained the reality of what was to happen).

Abraham in a way is plumbing deeper and deeper into God’s will. For fifty righteous, then forty-five, then step by step down to ten.

These were all true answers, but they increasingly gave Abraham a deeper insight into God’s will.

This passage is a wonderful example for us!

Let’s be encouraged to seek out God’s will for us each day, to commit our paths to Him.

God Almighty, Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your word today! Please write it on our hearts, teaching us what you need us to know for today.

Please Lord God, please show us Your will for us.

We commit our paths to You today.


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