January 1, Reading 3 – Matthew 1


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SAA Notes

This is the genealogy of the Heirs of David. An heir is not always the biological son/gransdon. Jeconiah makes a distant cousin Shealtiel (a descendant of David’s son Nathan) his heir, his son. Everyone closer had been killed. Jesus is the legal heir of David! Luke 3 traces the biological line.

SJA Notes

As we start the new year, it’s helpful to consider the character of Joseph.

Apart from being a just man, and one who was clearly other-centered, Joseph walked obediently before the Lord. He submitted under God’s will _and_ went about God’s will with all diligence.

We can be encouraged here with Joseph’s humility, with his active faith as he listened to the Lord and walked before Him.

* Father God,

From the rising of the sun to the setting we praise Your Name!

Please bless and keep us in this new year, mark us as a faithful obedient people, as Joseph was here.


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