January 1, Reading 2 – Job 1:1-2:10


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

Job is cast in the format of a historical drama. It deals with the problem of pain, of suffering, of terrible tragedy. How am I to react towards God when these things happen? Is He to blame?

SJA Notes

What a cracker of an opening!

We get a glimpse into the heavenly council, where God and Satan speak with one another.

There is a LOT in this passage.

God is Sovereign. Nothing that happened to Job was outside of His purpose and will.

Satan is at work against God’s people.

Satan cannot act but that God allows it.

God’s purposes and plans are not always revealed to us who live by faith through them.

“In all this Job did not sin or charge God with wrong.”

Job was a guy who was without blame, He feared God and turned away from evil! Why would this happen to him? Doesn’t God bless obedience and faithfulness!

From here on out, Job is a big bunch of dialogue between a handful of blokes. Job and friends. Wrestling with what has happened to him and God’s purposes.

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