December 9, Reading 3 – Revelation 2:1-17


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

We can find facets of our own congregation’s life in each of the seven churches. Do any of these descriptions apply to your congregation? What is your responsibility to Christ, to your congregation with what you see?

SJA Notes

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

This is a call from Jesus for all of us.

This last book in God’s word, written by John (whose gospel and letters we have read over the last month or so).

And so it’s first section is a call from our King to listen to what is said to the churches.

It is the Spirit who speaks, and it is Jesus who speaks. This is good for us to know, as it reaffirms our triune God.

Not in v17 that the sword Jesus bears is that of His mouth – The only weapon we have in God’s armor is this sword, His word. And that is the same which God Himself uses.

So let us be encouraged to read and dwell on the words to the churches, the warnings and the encouragements.

Because we are the churches today, and these words are for us as they were for them.

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You for Your word, the sword of the Spirit, the sword that Jesus bears from His mouth.

Please help us to listen to what You tell us Lord, to these words here in Revelation to the churches.

Please help us to listen and obey.


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