December 29, Reading 1 – Esther 5, 6


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SAA Notes

God’s providence brings rescue from destruction from an unlikely source – a seeming chance reading by the King. This is the pattern of Christmas.

SJA Notes

Here comes the reversal of political fame and fortune based on the king not being able to sleep! See the Lord’s hand at work here!

King Ahasuerus discovered (he’d forgotten at the time) that Mordecai had never been honored for revealing the plot of the two guards to kill the king.

And so he was honored. By his hated enemy, Haman the Agagite.

We were talking last night about this and Stuart Snr cracked it wide open.

Agag was the Amalekite king that Saul the king (from Benjamin, same as Mordecai) was commanded to kill along with all his people and herds and things etc. Saul didn’t (he kept Agag alive and the best things and so Samuel hacked the king up).

But the point here is that both of these men were the product of long-standing grudges! 500+ years and there was still animosity (great) between Gods people and the Amalekites.

And it’s because of sleeplessness that the tables are turned. Comprehensively.

How great is our God! Praise His Name!

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