December 28, Reading 1 – Esther 3, 4


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SAA Notes

Our reliance on God’s providence does not mean we sit on our thumbs and do nothing. Esther and Mordecai use every bit of courage, understanding and ingenuity they have. Faith leads to works! This is faith with works. It is not dead!

SJA Notes

“And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

Our God is sovereign.

That means He is working in and through _all_ things.

Esther was made Queen to save her people, God’s people. How wonderful this truth is!

And we are placed where God wants us, for His good purposes.

We might not understand why, or even sometimes like what God is doing through us.

But He is God, we are His people. He is our king, we are His subjects, living as a part of His kingdom.

It is His sovereignty at work, it is our responsibility to obey.

A hard truth, but a reassuring one as well!

* Creator God,

Please help us to know You better today from Your word here in Esther.

Please help us to trust Your hand at work in our lives, moving us, shaping us as Your people.

Thank You for Jesus.


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