December 26, Reading 2 – Zechariah 11


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SAA Notes

Verses 3, 4 explain Christ’s coming, His ministry, His passion. God would provide the Good Shepherd Himself. All leaders need to take the admonition about worthless shepherds seriously.

SJA Notes

This passage highlights for us the importance God places on church leadership. On the actions of those installed to lead God’s people, to point us to Jesus.

Under-shepherds of the Good Shepherd.

And God is very clear – Shepherds who follow after unjust gain, who pursue their own causes, who take bribes and pervert the course of justice, those who prey on the weak and elderly, the widow and orphan; These God despises.

Let us be diligent in prayer for our church leaders.

  • Father God,

For our church leaders that are faithfully preaching and teaching, going about their responsibilities in earnest devotion – We pray that they would continue to do so, day by day trusting in Your will, resisting the temptation to stray through Your strength.

And for those who are hidden ravening wolves, Lord please raise up other faithful men and women to oppose them. That the rotten branches would be cut from the vine, removing their influence on the vine.

And Lord, please mark us all, regardless of whether we are in church leadership or not – As people of the word! Of YOUR WORD! That as You write it on our hearts, we would be growing toward You, that Your truth would be in us, strengthening us against bad doctrine and the ways of the world.


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