December 20, Reading 1 – Nehemiah 7


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SAA Notes

Once the walls had been built, Nehemiah turned to the problem of peopling Jerusalem. The Presbyterian Church of Australia faces a similar issue – once the walls of the Faith have been rebuilt, we have to people the church. There was no simple answer for Nehemiah, but he turned for help to the families of believers first.

SJA Notes

This is a very similar passage to Ezra 2, a listing of those returned, around 50,000 (v 66).

These lists, we’ve read a few this year! They can be hard to process. We don’t often know the names, although there are a few that stand out.

How good is it to see the sons of Jericho and Bethel and Ai!

And in v5 we have something important. God put it on Nehemiah’s heart to get a genealogy going on. This list. God put it on Nehemiah’s heart.

This is important, then and now. So we need to approach these passages with humility, asking God to please show us what we can learn from it today.

He places importance in lists of people!

So we should too.

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