December 14, Reading 1 – Ezra 10


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SAA Notes

The Bible tells us what people did do, as well as what they should do. Ezra and the majority of people went further than the Mosaic Law. The Apostle Paul tells believers not to divorce their unbelieving spouses because they are not believers. 1 Corinthians 7:14

SJA Notes

Stuart Snr’s words hit the mark so well – God’s word tells us what people do, not just what they should do.

We have seens previously that having wives from non-Israelite peoples are not a stoppage to God’s grace. We have Ruth and Rahab and no doubt many others, who gave up their idolatry and served the living God, became wives, and those two were part of the lineage of Jesus!

The reason why there was a ban on marriage to foreign women was faithfulness.

Seems like it’s the same as today.

God is concerned about true religion, today as He was back in Ezra’s day.

Remaining singular in our faithfulness (reflecting and founded and only in His faithfulness) to Him.

Because how easy is it to get distracted! How easy is it for the world to slip in (there’s some wonderful Jungle Doctor stories that illustrate this) and pull us away from Him!

While we have no power to save ourselves, once saved we are called to wisdom. Proverbs 3 speaks powerfully to this. God’s wisdom, not our own. But we are to seek it, we are to choose it.

“My son, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments,”

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