December 12, Reading 1 – Ezra 8


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SAA Notes

One of God’s blessings to a church is people of integrity who can handle the temporal affairs of the church well. Let us thank God for His blessings.

SJA Notes

Here we step into Ezra’s point of view, seeing how things were worked out following the decree/edict from Artaxerxes in ch 7.

We see Exra displaying wisdom and forsight, and importantly faithfulness. He commits their travel/journey to the Lord, humbly. He beseeches (really gut/heart asking, pleading) the Lord for safety. And he entrusts to the priests the wealth that Artaxerxes had given to them.

“The hand of our God was on us, and he delivered us from the hand of the enemy …” v31

These are comforting words for us!

As we reflect God’s faithfulness in our own words, thoughts and deeds, so He continues to be faithful!

Praise God for His faithfulness to us His people, generation through generation.

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