November 30, Reading 3 – 1 John 1


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SAA Notes

John begins his letter in a manner similar to the beginning of his Gospel. It is easy to pretend to others and yourself that you don’t sin, that you are a good person. Why is it important to confess our sins to God and not pretend to Him or to ourselves?

SJA Notes

“… That God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”

Here is a fundamental truth that must resonant through our thoughts, our views, our words and deeds.

God is light!

We are to be people living in God’s light, with God’s light within us (His Spirit at work), shining to those around us.

Do we keep the light under a bushel? A-No!

It is not our light, we do not generate it, it comes from God. But it is shown to those around us in how we walk. That is why our walk is so important, our obedience.

And in God there is no darkness at all.

This is then our example, because the confession of our sin is so important. That we accept and confess that we have sinned.

John says here that is a critical element of living in the light, having fellowship with God. To confess that we are sinners.

Because of Jesus, His blood which cleanses us from our sin.

John’s words here are both encouragement and exhortation, rebuke and confirmation.

Let us walk in God’s light today and onwards!

* God Above,

Thank You that You are light. That in You is no darkness at all.

Thank You that Jesus’ blood cleanses us from our sin.

Thank You that we can walk in Your light.

Please help us to remember who we are, who You are, and to daily come before You and confess our sins.

Please forgive us now Lord God.


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