November 29, Reading 3 – John 21


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SAA Notes

Peter needed a public reinstatement because of his public denial of Christ. Jesus asks His question of Peter three times to answer for Peter’s three denials. Jesus’ question is well worth putting to yourself!

SJA Notes

* Dear God, please teach us from Your word to us today.

“He said to him a third time, ‘Simon, son of John, do you love me?’ Peter was grieved because he said to him the third time, ‘Do you love me?’ and he said to him, ‘Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.’ Jesus said to him, ‘Feed my sheep. …'”

Three times Peter denied Jesus.

Three times on the night our King was betrayed by one of His closest friends, another of His closest friends denied even knowing Him.

Three times Peter decided to throw his faith in Jesus as the Lord’s true Christ under the bus of cowardice and worry of what the world thinks.

You and I have been there, done that.

How many times have we chosen to stay silent when a word would have marked us as Jesus’ followers?

How many times have we chosen to keep walking toward the broad road, stubbornly rejecting the guiding of the Spirit?

How many times have we chosen the admiration of man over the love of God?

We are sinful man, each of us.

And yet. As with Simon Peter, so with us.

Three times Jesus brings Peter back into the fold, mirroring his denials.

Three times Jesus asks Peter to take care of His people, an under-shepherd to the Good Shepherd.

Three times Jesus asks Peter to publicly profess his love for the King of kings.

These are for us to experience too.

Let us wrestle hard to be unashamed to own Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

* Dear God,

Your word to us is life and health, please write it on our hearts today.

Thank You that You brought us back into the sheepfold, even though we were enemies.

Thank You that You continue to guide and shepherd us, even when we choose what the world thinks over You.

Please forgive us Lord God.


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