November 23, Reading 1 – 2 Chronicles 20


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SAA Notes

Jehoshaphat has always been regarded as one of the heroes of faith. Consider what he says to God in prayer – verse 6. His life should encourage us to be likewise faithful.

SJA Notes

“… and give it forever to the descendants of Abraham your friend?” v7

How good is this word, how much of God’s love and grace and favour are wrapped up in these few short words.

God’s faithfulness at work, across generations. He called Abraham, and His covenant that He made with Abraham, was real when Joshua and Israel entered the promised land, and was real for the remnant returning to Israel, and is real for us today!

Let’s be encouraged to grasp hold of God’s covenant promises to us. His steadfast love! His faithfulness without end!

He is the good shepherd who watches over His sheep. He is the great physician who heals us from our sin once and for all time with absoluteness.

And He is the God who we can be _friends_ with!

How amazing is this, “Abraham your friend”. What a real and tangible relational truth we see here.

Praise God that in this reminder of Abraham, and of the covenant God made with him, we can be encouraged and uplifted as we reflect on the reality of who He is. Our saviour. Our king. Our lord. Our God.

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