November 23, Reading 2 – Ezekiel 39


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SAA Notes

Read through Revelation 19:11-21 and 20:7-10. While some see these nations as specific end-time nations, I believe that they apply to all such nations, for the promise in v.25-29 was fulfilled at Pentecost.

SJA Notes

* Lord God, please help us understand Your word to us today.

“I will send fire on Magog and on those who dwell securely in the coastlands, and they shall know that I am the LORD.”

This passage has some confronting pictures and hard words.

What can we understand?

One truth deep and profound is that it is better by far to be humbled before the Lord here on earth than to remain stubborn in rejection of God to death and come before Him on the day of final judgement.

God WILL have His name hallowed and made holy. He is JEALOUS for His holy Name.

The Lord WILL set His glory among the nations and deal in judgement according to sin, according to our state of cleanliness.

We can be encouraged that if we own Jesus as Lord and King we are judged according to His righteousness instead of our sinful dirt-ridden hearts.

We can be convicted to walk in humility, hallowing God’s Name in the world, keeping it holy. We have been saved, and that nothing from ourselves!

Let us take every opportunity given to point people to Jesus.

* Lord God,

Every part of Your word is important and meaningful and powerful.

When we cannot fully understand and comprehend Your word, we come before You knowing that You are wiser than we are, and that You will let us know all that we need to for this life.

Please Lord, continue to place within us a desire to be holy as You are holy.


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