November 20, Reading 1 – 2 Chronicles 14, 15


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SAA Notes

Asa trusts and obeys. His kingdom is made strong. God preserves the King and people from overwhelming enemies. The Lord powerfully answers the prayer of the King, the Christ of God, for his people. There are many lessons here for us too.

SJA Notes

It’s often easy to gloss over all the kings after David, seeing the history as a downward spiral.

But that’s not true. Apart from the “the world was broken in Adam” truth, there’s also bright points in the kings of Judah and Israel.

One of those wonderful revivals comes about through Asa.

“He … and commanded Judah to seek the LORD, the God of their fathers, and to keep the law and the commandment.”

This is a king! He turns the people to the Lord (not himself).

He is a king who cries out to the Lord in battle, and the Lord rewards him and the army. I mean seriously, v9, a million soldiers opposing them! The scale is crazy.

But more than that, v13, “… and the Ethiopians fell until none remained alive, for they were broken before the LORD and his army.”

Not only did the Lord defeat the enemy, but _none_ remained alive. Ethiopia must have suffered for many generations after that.

Asa listens to the Lord. After the Lord speaks to him through Azariah, he listens and acts on God’s word.

He took courage! (15 v8)

Let’s be encouraged to do the same. To listen to the Lord, to walk in obedience, to take courage in Him!

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