November 19, Reading 3 – John 13:31-14:14


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SAA Notes

There are so many wonderful words in these passages in John’s Gospel that it is hard to pick just one. Verse 13:34 is worthy of much meditation in the light of what the rest of the Scriptures say about love.

SJA Notes

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

This doesn’t mean people will _like_ us, but they will know that we are sheep of the Good shepherd, kingdom-people, Jesus followers.


And it is love in action, for one another.

This is a hard word in a sense. Because when we gather together for more than a few minutes, it can become hard to show love. We can quickly annoy each other, we can pursue our own means and we can ignore those hurting.

But when we look to Jesus, when we follow Him, when we do what He tells us – We _are_ able to love one another! This is an amazing thing, and a wonderful reality to strive for in our congregations of God’s people together.

To love one another, in action, as the Lord loved us.

This is God here, Son and Father and Spirit working together – Showing us love, giving us the example so that we can in turn show His love to each other and those around us.

May people know that we are Jesus’ disciples.

* Father God,

Thank You that in Jesus we are able to love one another.

Thank You that You show us how to love.

May those around us know that we are Your disciples.


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