November 18, Reading 2 – Ezekiel 34


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SAA Notes

The shepherds talked about here were the king and the ruling class of Israel. They were bad shepherds who fattened themselves on the flock of God. In verses 11,12 God promises to come Himself and be the good shepherd to His people. Jesus proclaimed that He was this Good Shepherd. (John 10:11-18)

SJA Notes

* God above, please show us Jesus from Your word today.

“Behold, I, I myself will search for my sheep and will seek them out.”

There are two important threads

We see here God using “David” (King David was long dead by this time) to point us to the promised Messiah, great King David’s greater Son, our King Jesus.

There are two different shepherds described by God here, who have vastly different effects on the flock (God’s people).


There are the bad shepherds.

The weak are not strengthened.

The sick are not healed.

The injured are not bound up.

The strayed are not brought back.

The lost are not sought.

The rule is force and harshness.


There is the GOOD SHEPHERD.

The lost are sought out.

The strayed are brought back.

The injured are bound up.

The weak are strengthened.

The rule is justice.

We need the GOOD SHEPHERD, our King Jesus.

Without Jesus, we are weak and sick and injured and straying and lost without hope.

Without Jesus, our shepherds push with side and shoulder, thrust at all the weak with their horns, scattering them abroad.

We need Jesus to rescue us, seeking out the lost sheep.

We need Jesus to save us from bad shepherds.

And we need Jesus to be the King our leaders follow, so that as under-shepherds they might help the sheep and not hinder.

We need Jesus!

* Father God,

Please may we see Jesus today. May He be our light and our guide, our pattern and our protector.

Thank You that You have sought out the lost.


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