October 8, Reading 2 – Jeremiah 41


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SAA Notes

Ishmael murders Gedaliah and all the Babylonians with him. Johanan rescues everyone. They stop near Bethlehem on their flight to Egypt. Their fears outweigh their faith. What fears do you face, and what does your faith tell you?

SJA Notes

Ishmael and 10 men. Such turmoil and destruction from a small group of blokes.

In one sense, Ishmael was contracted to do a job and he did it.

But the nature of the job was a problem. Murder the one Nebuchadnezzer had put in charge (the Ammonites and others, shadows pulling at strings, playing political games).

You know though, one of the big sad realities shown in this passage is Johanan and the people.

What in yesterday’s passage looked like potential and blessing has turned into flight and fear.

“For they were afraid of them [the Chaldeans],”

A good reminder and encouragement that we are to measure our fears against the Sovereignty, the Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence of our God Almighty. And our fears are always found wanting (which turns us to Him).

* Gracious Father,

Please take our fears, replace them with a holy and reverent fear of You.

Help us Lord, because we cannot help ourselves.

Thank You for Jesus,


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