October 8, Reading 2 – Jeremiah 41


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SAA Notes

Ishmael murders Gedaliah and all the Babylonians with him. Johanan rescues everyone. They stop near Bethlehem on their flight to Egypt. Their fears outweigh their faith. What fears do you face, and what does your faith tell you?

SJA Notes

* God of much grace, please show us Your wisdom today.

“For they were afraid of them, …”

Ishmael and ten men wreaked much havoc for God’s people, murdering the governor that the Babylonians had installed.

This was a big deal.

And so the people left let their fear of man overpower their trust and reverent fear of our God.

This is a good reminder and exhortation for us – We are to measure our fears against the sovereignty, omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresent characteristics of our God Almighty.

And when we do this, our own fears are found wanting AND importantly are put to rest in the face of Him, in His light, in His power, in His good purposes for us His people.

Hallelujah for our God!

* Gracious Father,

Please take our fears of man, of the world, of little and big things – And replace them with a holy and reverent fear of You.

Help us Lord, because we cannot help ourselves.

Thank You for saving us Lord.


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