October 22, Reading 2 – Ezekiel 1


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

Ezekiel stirs us with powerful word pictures. His vision of the Lord is one source of John’s vision of Christ in Revelation 1. Sense the Majesty and the Glory of God our Father.

SJA Notes

We’ve read through Jeremiah, who straddled both before and after the exile, and his short but powerful lamentations.

In the first set of Old Testament readings, we’re finishing up 2 Kings, where Jehoiachin is taken into exile and put in prison, and then later released to live in relative safety (still in exile).

This is the time that Ezekiel is struck with his visions. V2 tells us that it was the fifth year of the exile of King Jehoiachin.

So we can know that at this point the seventy years of exile was only just beginning. Very early days.

And the Lord chooses Ezekiel and opens the heavens to him. Visions of God!

We’ve got living creatures that come from a stormy wind.

Then we see the wheels (created objects), wheels within wheels, rims fill with eyes.

There is an expanse, shining like crystal.

And above the expanse is a like-sapphire throne, with a seated being that was of human appearance.

What is going on here? How are we to understand these things? What is there for us today?

It’s good to be reminded of Ezekiel’s opening words, and no doubt they were very intentional. Ezekiel had visions of God as the heavens were opened to him. The hand of the LORD upon him, the word of the LORD coming to him.

And secondly, as Stuart Snr points to, there is great symmetry across God’s word. We only have to open up to Revelation 1:12-20 to see who this figure is.

It’s the son of man, Jesus, our great King and Lord and Saviour!

* God of Light,

We cannot think to in our own understanding come to understand You.

But we thank You for Your word, that You have given to us.

We pray today that You might allow us to glean a portion of Your wisdom today. Show us what You would have us know! Show us Jesus!


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