October 19, Reading 3 – 1 Timothy 5


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SAA Notes

Find some good pointers on cultivating relationships in today’s reading. Who will you apply them to?

SJA Notes

* Holy and True God, how majestic is Your Name! You are worthy of our praise. Please show us today from Your word a little more of who You are.

“In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of the elect angels I charge you to keep these rules without prejudging, doing nothing from partiality.”

Isn’t it interesting that Paul includes “the elect angels” in this charge to Timothy!

The presence of the elect angels has importance.

We can dwell on this, particularly in respect to the throne room of God, where He dwells, God the Son our Jesus sitting at the right hand of God the Father – with the heavenly hosts around the throne, praising the Lord God Almighty.

This charge to Timothy is made in their presence!

This is a big deal.

We the church interact with each other IN THEIR PRESENCE!

As we meet together with our church family this week and onwards, let us be reminded of this.

There are beings in God’s throne room, apart from God, that we join with in His presence.

We are to join with them, the festal gathering.

But too, they are with us, and see us and our behaviour toward each other in the church.

This is a weighty mystery.

* Father in Heaven,

Please remind us that we come into Your presence with the heavenly hosts.

Please remind us that it is in their presence as well as Yours that we come into.

Please teach us what this should mean for us.


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