October 12, Reading 1 – 2 Kings 13:1-14:22


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SAA Notes

Jehoash is half-hearted with Elisha. He comes with great protestations. He treats Elisha as if he were very important to Israel’s future, but then is half-hearted in obeying Elisha’s command as the Lord’s prophet. James’ warning is apt. See James 1:5-8.

SJA Notes

“Then the man of God was angry with him …”

Ups and downs, here we have the kings of Israel and Judah, and as we’ve seen all along, the stories are of broken people making broken decisions apart from God.

The sins of Jeroboam are far-reaching down through the generations, we still read of them here.

It’s a good reminder of the consequences of our actions, that we live in a world that suffers not only because it’s broken, but because we are too!

We cannot get away from this. What we do is important, how we act, what decisions we make. And not just important for us, but for the next generation and onwards.

Not for our boasting, not because of our own strength – But they are important because Jesus says so. How many times does Jesus and His word call us to obedience?

Obedience isn’t a robotic action, it’s a conscious decision to do what Jesus tells us.

And while we cannot obey without faith – The flip-side holds. When we do have faith we _must_ obey!

Praise God that in Jesus we can please God, because of Him, His righteousness, His Spirit alive and working within us.


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