September 6, Reading 3 – Ephesians 1:1-14


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SAA Notes

These verses tell you God’s purpose for you in Christ and at least four things He gives you – verses 7-10. What does it mean for you to be for the praise of His glory?

SJA Notes

What an opening this is from Paul!

We see him pointing us to God’s big huge wonderfully omnipotent big-picture plans. And yet how He has a plan for each of us individually.

But even more, that our God has planned for us even before we were born, even before the foundation of the world. What a God we have!

We see too, that Jesus is the crux of God’s plans. Jesus unites all things, things in heaven and things on earth.

We can be encouraged to spend time thinking about what God has done from this opening passage Paul writes.

And be thankful, so thankful for what He has done and is doing.

* Father God,

Thank You for Your choosing us, even before the world was made.

Thank You for Jesus, in whom we see the mystery of Your will made known.

Please help us rest in You each day Lord God, taking time with You and Your word.


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