September 19, Reading 1 – 1 Kings 11


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SAA Notes

The opening sentence begins with a however. Having dealt with the glories of Solomon’s reign, the narrative turns now to two of the destructive forces at work in the people of God – Solomon’s love of many women with his consequent idolatry and the emergence of potent and protected enemies (protected by Egypt under a new Pharaoh).

SJA Notes

“And his wives turned away his heart.”

Here we see the truth of the third warning given by God through Moses about the king.

That he not have many wives.

Solomon clung to his wives in love. He shifted foundations, building on the sand of romance, built on the fleeting pleasure.

Solomon forgot his first love – Where was the Lord, why cling to sand when you can cling to the rock?

This is a sad end to the son of David, a man with breadth of mind like no other, the king who built God’s temple in Jerusalem, a person that God specifically appeared to twice.

But it is the end for anyone born in sin – The end of human wisdom, the end of what the world promises, the end of rejecting God.

Look at the evil Solomon did in the sight of the Lord! He built abominations, idols over and over, and he went after them.

For us though, again we are pointed to Jesus. That in Him we have the perfect king, one without fault or error.

And again there is the encouragement that God keeps both sides of the covenant we have with Him, that new covenant enacted through Jesus.

That we are not made righteous in our own standing, else who would stand?

What else can we say but MORE of Jesus, LESS of us!

* Gracious Father God,

Please help us to see the sin in our own eyes, so that we might not think we are better than Solomon.

Please help us to flee from idolatry, to run to You, always to You.

Please open the eyes and ears of our hearts each day to Your word, the mirror that always tells us the truth.

Thank You for Your love for us, unworthy though we are.


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