September 18, Reading 3 – Philippians 3:1-4:1


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SAA Notes

Where do you place your self-esteem – on who you are in Christ or in what you are in the church, in the club, at work, in society? Consider Paul’s great desire for himself in verses 10,11. He wants to live the resurrection quality of life NOW!

SJA Notes

Look at the marks of what putting confidence in the flesh means.

Things that man measures as important.

Things that are earthly and temporary, the outward appearance.

But what of confidence in the Holy Spirit?

What do we give up and count as rubbish the things of the flesh?

To gain Christ!

To be found in Him!

That His righteousness is as our own, this wonderful gift of faith, so that we would KNOW JESUS!

This is what the world can never offer. No world view or ideology can compare. Because in Jesus we have the power of His resurrection.

And so let’s be encouraged (and exhorted) to press on toward that wonderful hope, the goal set before us, the crown of eternal life.

* Father God,

Thank You for Jesus!

We praise You, for You have given us an inheritance that will never rust or pass away, a citizenship in heaven.

Oh Lord God, we long for that day when we are bound up with You, You dwelling with us Your people, the heavens and the earth remade.

Please help us each day Lord God, write Your word upon our hearts, plant it deep within us and grow it that we would bear much fruit.


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