September 16, Reading 1 – 1 Kings 8:31-66


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SAA Notes

Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the Temple has many segments that speak to your heart, mind and soul. Find one section that is relevant to your life in this decade.

SJA Notes

IF <this> THEN hear in heaven Your dwelling place AND …

We’ve seen previously the binary conditional statements that exist within God’s word, and here Solomon’s prayer is grounded and built around them.

You can read all the segments. They are almost storyboards, like stepping through a cartoon or movie frame by frame, indicating different examples of the people crying out to God.

Let’s take a look at two of them.

In verse 41 we have the Abraham promise to all peoples – God hearing and heeding the call of the foreigner.

And in verse 46-53 we have a very intense prophetic truth-telling segment where Solomon describes the example of God’s people having sinned against Him, He gives them over to their enemies, and they are carried away into the land of the enemy.

This happened!

Currently (September) in the other Bible Guideposts old testament set of readings we are working through Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is pleading and wrestling with the Lord for mercy, because at that time the Lord had grown weary of relenting (Jeremiah 15:6) and has winnowed Israel/Judah with a winnowing fork.

How good then it is for us that Jesus, God the Son, took on God’s wrath for us, for our sin. And that through His sacrifice, His atonement, through His effectual work we can be saved. And more, we are being sanctified by God the Spirit, so that we can obey.

We can do what pleases God!

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

* Gracious Saviour,

Thank You for calling us, a people who in our entirety and each one of us had rejected You, we were Your enemies.

Yet You called us into Your flock, the Good Shepherd. You healed us, the Great Physician. You made it possible for us to know You, the Friend Like No Other.

Thank You for Your mercy toward us Lord God.

Thank You for rescuing us from darkness into light.


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