August 4, Reading 1 – 1 Samuel 9:15-10:27


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SAA Notes

Samuel anoints Saul King! Saul is God’s Anointed or Christ. Samuel exhibits the same spirit towards Saul as John the Baptist does towards Jesus. Both prophets accept that they must decrease that he (God’s Christ) may increase! The pattern of how God makes a Christ is established here with Saul and David. What happens in the Gospels finds its roots here. God’s prophet anoints God’s Christ to his office, and then the Holy Spirit comes upon God’s Christ in power.

SJA Notes

Here is God’s prince, the king!

We know it’s Saul, and we know he will be a broken king who fails at many things.

But. Here is what God says about Saul,

“He shall save my people from the hand of the Philistines.”


“He it is who shall restrain my people.”

Salvation from the enemy and restraint from pursuing the world.

This is the job of a king.

And even if just in those things, Saul points us to Jesus. Even though he went astray, even though he was faithless and disobedient to the Lord – Saul shows us that we need a king who is FAITHFUL and OBEDIENT.

Saul points us to Jesus because he is the Lord’s Christ at that point in time, messiah for the people.

And do you see the pattern here that the Lord keeps, anointing with oil by the prophet/king-maker, the Spirit coming on the person in power.

John the Baptist was a king-maker too, just like Samuel. There is a wonderful symmetry there.

It is to be Jesus’ power at work in us (not of ourselves), His wisdom that we long for (not the world’s), His glory we seek (not our own).

Jesus is our king, our messiah, the living and risen Christ – Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

* Gracious Lord God,

Thank You that we can read of Saul here and be pointed to Jesus.

Please show us Jesus today Lord God, Your Son, made flesh who dwelt among us.

Please aright our hearts and minds this day, as we read Your word and dwell upon it.

Your word is the mirror that always tells us the truth – Please open the eyes and ears of our hearts to see and hear what You would have us know today.


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