August 19, Reading 1 – 1 Samuel 30, 31


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SAA Notes

Providence, not chance is at work here. The Amalekites are the original enemy of God’s people as they came up out of Egypt. David’s rescue of his own from their hands, is a divine beacon to the fact that David is the Christ/Messiah of God. His kingdom is to succeed Saul’s.

SJA Notes

“But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God.”

This is a coin-story, two sides.

We see David continue to rise, and act like a king should.

We see Saul, the Lord’s anointed, suffer death.

It is a violent end for Saul and his sons. Killed in battle, bodies mutilated afterward.

It is good to read of the courage of the people of Jabesh-gilead (who Saul rescued early on) in retrieving the bodies of Saul and his sons and burying their bones.

And David’s story starts very low, with the city they lived in sacked and burned. His men mutter, mutiny is at the door.

What does David do?

The writer tells us, the Holy Spirit tells us, that David had a personal relationship with God, and that he turned to his God for wisdom and guidance.

He did not try to work in his own strength or intellect, did not try and find a way through on his own.

He turns to the Lord.

God graciously allows David’s wives and all the people to be rescued, and more abundantly on top of that.

We can be encouraged to persevere as David did, and in turning to the Lord in times of trial as well as success – That our trust and faith in the Lord and His working for  our good is evident. That He loves us and works for us, even at the darkest points in our lives.

* Lord God Above,

Saul was a broken man, who in the darkest moment died on his own sword.

David was a broken man, who in the darkest moment turned to You.

Please help us turn to You each day Lord God. To bring You thanks for what You have already done, what You are doing, and what You have promised You will do. To hand over to You our worries and concerns. To confess our sins.

Please forgive us our sins Lord God, wash us clean today.


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