August 10, Reading 1 – 1 Samuel 17:1-31


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SAA Notes

As the Christ of God, Saul sat and did nothing! David came to the scene of the confrontation by God’s providence after forty days. The word forty immediately takes us to Moses and Joshua and the exodus. David, not Saul, was the one who was like Moses and Joshua. He delivered the people from their enemies as the LORD’s Christ.

SJA Notes

“For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

Here is that man after God’s own heart! Only a boy named David, only a little sling.

David’s heart is fixed for the Lord, and this immediately brings him into contention with others. He faces sibling rivalry and the antagonism of anyone who felt judged by his words.

Who was Goliath? He was a giant, descended from the Anakim. And he was an enemy of the Lord.

It is important for us to see the courage of David, the singleness of mind in this matter – When an enemy was bringing the Lord’s name and His people into disrepute.

David was immediately on point, black and white, no shifting from the issue. Goliath needed to go.

Let’s be encouraged to work at our hearts being single and devoted to the Lord as David’s was.

* Gracious God Above,

Thank You for the new birth of our hearts that You bring, hearts made new, able to be after Your own heart.

Please help us to be faithful as You are faithful, our intent and focus on You and You alone.


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