July 26, Reading 3 – 2 Corinthians 1


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SAA Notes

Achaia is Greece. Verses 3-5 call us out of ourselves and remind us of that higher purpose in our lives. God grant us to be useful in His kingdom today.

SJA Notes

“For all the promises of God find their Yes in him.”

Jesus is the crux, the pivot, the capstone and cornerstone. He is the life-giving spirit and through Him creation was made and continues to be sustained.

Our King is the focal point of all of history, from the first day of creation and even before the foundations of the world – It is all about Jesus.

He is the promised Messiah, the King of glory, great David’s greater son.

He is the lamb slain from before the foundation of the world, the death-crusher and life-giver and the one through whom dead hearts come alive.

This is why we can wholeheartedly and unreservedly point always and often to Jesus. He is God’s rescue plan, there is no other! He is our pattern, there is no other! He is our King, Lord and Saviour – There is no other!

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

* Gracious God,

Thank You for Jesus, in whom all Your promises find their Yes.

Please grow our understanding of You, our obedience to You, and our love for You.

Help us to be more like Jesus each day.


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