July 24, Reading 1 – Judges 20


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SAA Notes

Benjamin is almost destroyed as a Tribe of Israel! The message is that religion cannot make any difference in itself. We need the Lord Himself, the work of the Holy Spirit! Benjamin puts family first above all other considerations. This is misplaced loyalty because it puts family in God’s place. It destroyed them except for the grace of God!

SJA Notes

It can seem a bit strange that the tribe of Benjamin would stand with the men of Gibeah and defend them and their actions of the previous reading.

The tribal architecture of Israel would have surely made it hard to make the sort of decision we might think they should have made – But then today we see the same temptation around us. To choose human bonds and community over what God has laid down.

The men of Gibeah were acting in gross perversion, they were broken individuals who needed a better saviour than the judges we have been reading of.

Religion on its own is worthless. Without the Holy Spirit at work in us we are useless vessels, hopeless and helpless.

Now, just as then, we need to stand firm in the word of God – Informed each day by God and His wisdom, His voice being the voice in our heads! Our lives built on Him and Him alone.

He is our rock, our deliverance!

* Gracious Father God,

Please use these records of Israel’s history with judges to refine us as we read them – Please write Your word on our hearts!

You are our strength and our refuge Lord God,

Please equip us each day to go about what You would have us do with all our heart, mind and strength.


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